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nobody was a bigger hawk than richard perle, a real intellectual, a member of the pentagon's defense policy board. he repeatedly asserted that saddam hussein had ties to osama bin laden and was feverishly working to acquire a nuclear bomb and he promised, richard perle did, that the war would be over in a matter of months. this week he was asked a very important question. i think it's a good question. his nonanswer is informative. let's listen. >> ten years later, nearly 5,000 american troops dead, thousands more with wounds, hundreds of thousands of iraqis dead or wounded, when you think about this, was it worth it? >> i've got to say i think that is not a reasonable question. what we did at the time was done in the belief that it was necessary to protect this nation. you can't, a decade later go back and say we shouldn't have done that. >> so don't ask whether he should have gone in or not. another unrepentant war hawk. he was deputy secretary of the defense at the time of the invasion and here's what he wrote on fox news' website this week. as a strictly military matter if the war
unrepentant war hawk was deputy secretary of defense. here is what he wrote on fox news website. as a strictly military matter if the war in iraq ended when we got to baghdad, it would have been counted an historic victory. the war went sour after the occupation began. if only someone had thought about that, what would happen after we invaded. back in 2003 he didn't seem too concerned about that. take a listen. >> there's been a good deal of comments, some of it quite outlandish about what our post war requirements might be in iraq. some of the higher end predictions we've been hearing recently, such as the notion it will take several hundred thousand u.s. troops to provide stability in post-saddam iraq are wildly off the mark. first, it's hard to concede that it would take more forces in post-saddam iraq than to conduct the war itself and to secure the surrender of saddam's security forces and his army. hard to imagine. >> ron, i never mastered the ability to speak as if every word of opinion i offer is a fact that has already been received. it's done and there's been a verdict cast. these ne
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2